Coilers: WD-600

Strong and competent, the WD-600 can handle your large diameter reels as delicately as you like

  • Twin reel machine allows loading and unloading or one drum whilst the line keeps running
  • Accurate coiling of profiles up to 50mm OD.
  • Passive (leadscrew) or Intelligent (Servo) layering head options
  • Space saving design
  • Full colour HMI provides a clear user friendly operator interface.
  • Tension free winding of your product with our lightweight infeed control arm
  • Absolute length feed back and alarms to ensure operator efficiency
  • Variety of control arms and sleeves mean we can tool up to your product.
  • High efficiency AC drive motors for ultimate reliability
  • Operator and engineer security levels to ensure program quality control and safety.
  • Full line control is fitted as standard for easy line integration.

WD-600 layering options

  • Popular Uhing layering heads can be fitted to the WD- 600 for a passive manual lay-up
  • Servo driven layering head can be fitted for more control of the lay-up, change the product size by HMI for better QC
  • Profiled cutter bush example


    • 2 x 0.75kW AC Drive motors
    • Line Speeds from 1m/min up to 300m/min
    • Allen Bradley controls as standard,options available with all major suppliers

    Options include:

  • Quick release taper clamps
  • Light Guard for ultimate safety
  • PTFE coated guide bushes

  • WD-600 Dimension Drawings