Haul Off Cutter: HC-100

Ready for anything, this 100mm capacity Haul-off / Cutter is built to be accurate and reliable even

  • Compact and powerful for cutting and haul off of profiles up to 100mm
  • Standard and High Torque cutter heads are available
  • Full colour HMI provides a clear user friendly operator interface.
  • Slide out cutter assembly for easy start-up
  • Encoder based length cutting, with sensor and external input signal cutting available as low cost options.
  • Accurate cutting of all profiles up to 100mm OD.
  • Round bore or wire eroded to suit your profile no problem.
  • Massive variety of blades and cutter bushes to enable us to˜tool up to your product.
  • Servo motors are employed on all 3 axis for ultimate precision of cut length at up to 3000 cuts per minute.
  • Operator and engineer security levels to ensure program quality control and safety.
  • Full line control is fitted as standard for easy line integration.


Our trademark haul off design ensures positive drive and ultimate accuracy. Digitally locked servo motors with planetary gearboxes for peace of mind and low service requirements

Profiled cutter bush example


  • 2 x 6.4 Nm Servo Caterpillar™ Motors
  • 18.2 Nm Cutter Drive Motor
  • Line Speeds from 1m/min up to 120m/min
  • High quality controls as standard, options available with all major suppliers

HP-100 belts

  • 100mm wide x 650mm long with poly-vee drive belts
  • Variety of coverings and profiles to suit your product
  • 4000N tractive effort
  • Air operated top belt option

  • CT-100 Cutter Head

  • Direct drive servo cutter head for no loss power transmission
  • Dip lubrication bath with interlocked lid and cutter bushes
  • Head slides away from belts to enable easy start up
  • HC-100 Dimension Drawings