Hauloff: HP-025

Fast and predictable the HP-025 handles small section profile at a jog, if you can jog at 400m/min ?

  • Incredibly space efficient, with a simple operator interface
  • Servo motors are employed on both belts for peerfectly synchronised pulling
  • High Speed Infeed guides for hassle free pulling
  • Operator and engineer security levels to ensure program quality control and safety
  • Full line control is fitted as standard for easy line integration


  • 2 x 1.0Nm Servo Caterpillar™ Motors
  • Line Speeds from 1m/min up to 400m/min
  • Quality controls as standard options available with all major suppliers
HP-025 Dimension Drawings

HP-025 belts

  • 25mm wide x 250mm long with poly-vee drive belts
  • Variety of coverings and profiles to suit your product
  • 1000N tractive effort
  • Hyper-Drive™

    Our trademark haul off design ensures positive drive and ultimate accuracy. Digitally locked servo motors with planetary gearboxes for peace of mind and low service requirements