Hauloff: HP-050

The HP-050 is our capable mid-range haul-off ready for anything

  • Servo motors are employed on both belts for perfectly synchronised pulling.
  • High Speed Infeed guides for hassle free pulling
  • Incredibly space efficient, with a simple operator interface.
  • Operator and engineer security levels to ensure program quality control and safety.
  • Full line control is fitted as standard for easy line integration.


Our trademark haul off design ensures positive drive and ultimate accuracy. Digitally locked servo motors with planetary gearboxes for peace of mind and low service requirements

HP-050 belts

  • 50mm wide x 500mm long with poly-vee drive belts
  • Variety of coverings and profiles to suit your product
  • 2000N tractive effort
  • Air operated top belt option

  • Specification

    • 2 x 2.6Nm Servo Caterpillar™ Motors
    • Line Speeds from 1m/min up to 400m/min
    • Quality controls as standard options available with all major suppliers

    HP-050 Dimension Drawings